Fall for Beads Sale!

All Watch bands marked down to $18!

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get 1 of equal or lesser value free!

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Happy Shopping!

Watch band kits are also on sale - the more you buy the more you save!
These are great for gifts, parties, or craft nights!


Grand Re-Opening Sale Coming Soon!

I'm getting ready to re-open my store and will be celebrating with a sale - yeah!

I'm working on going though my inventory to make sure it's all correct and getting everything relisted and hope to have everything up and running soon!

In addition to watches,  faces and kits - I will be selling beads for those who want to make their own creations. 

I will also again be giving great discounts on large orders of kits and faces - perfect for Super Saturdays, Homemade Gifts,  and Craft parties! 
Several organizations ordered these last fall and had a lot of fun with them. 

If you need something now I am doing a limited number of orders a week so please feel free to email me.

Have a great August and thanks!


Sunny Day - Interchangeable Beaded Watch Band

All this snow is making me want a bright sunny day!

This watch band reminds of a beautiful sunny day with the fun bright colors.
Features Beautiful Cloissone Beads in the shape of Daisies 
and a variety of fun lamp work glass beads.


Artemis Interchangeable Beaded Watch Band

I Love this new band!
It features a variety of glass and porcelain beads.
This is a chunky style band -
Pictured with Double Dial Tank Face in Silver

GI Jenny Camo Interchangeable Beaded Watch Band

A beautiful new band featuring a variety of Gemstones, porcelain, and wooden beads.
This is a chunky style band
Shown with Large Funky Face in Brown


Introducing Delightfully Dainty Watch Bands

Delightfully Dainty
For women who want the beaded look but want a petite watch

Shown - Peace (featuring real carved turquoise beads)
and small white oval face


Bryce Canyon Interchangeable Beaded Watch Band

Features a variety of gemstone beads
This is a chunky style band
Shown with Landscape Face


Noel - Christmas Interchangeable Beaded Watch Band

Features Peppermint shaped beads, Czech fire polished glass and a snowflake charm.


Glacier Park Interchangeable Beaded Watch Band

This is a chunky style band
Shown with Jumbo Round Face

Snow Leopard Interchangeable Beaded Watch Band

This is a chunky watch band featuring animal print beads
Shown with Rectangular Double Dial face in Silver

The Elizabeth Interchangeable Beaded Watch Band or Bracelet

Like the perfect dress - this band is the perfect bend of elegance and flair
Features high quality glass beads
Shown with Big Number face in pearl

Blueberry Hill Interchangeable Beaded Watch Band

Fun Mix of Blues and Whites
This is a Chunky Style band
Shown with Large Funky Number Face in Pearl

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Hope - Shown with round CZ Face


BumbleBee Interchangeable Beaded Watch Band

A Dramatic design!
This is a chunky watch band
Shown with Geometric face

Barbara Ann Interchangeable Beaded Watch band

Features creamy purple and pink beads - including glass beads
This is a mini me sized band which means it has less chunky beads than some of my other bands.
Shown with Crazy glitter face.

Discount Pricing On Kits!

It's almost fall and many people are starting to think about upcoming holidays.

If you would like to make multiple watch bands or bracelets
(To give as Christmas gifts or maybe your group has an upcoming craft night?)

I am offering quantity discount pricing on my watch band kits and faces

If interested - please contact me for details




Trick or Treat - Interchangeable Beaded Watch Band for Halloween

Trick Or Treat!
A fun Halloween Band featuring fun Halloween beads,
a witch hat charm and a spider charm.
(pictured with Spiral face in black)

Trick or Treat Mini Me Size- Interchangeable Beaded Watch Band for Halloween

Trick or Treat Mini me Size
Features a variety of fun Halloween Beads
& a Witch Hat and Spider charm


Christmas Joy© Interchangeable beaded watch band

A fun and chunky band full of Christmas spirit.

Coming soon - mini me version!


Serenity - Interchangeable Beaded Watch Band

Just what we all need - a little Serenity in our lives!
Features a glass pearl bead and some other fun beads.
Shown with Butterfly CZ face in pearl

Ancona - Interchangeable Beaded Watch Band with real Mother Of Pearl

As beautiful as the Italian town - this Ancona features real Mother of Pearl beads.
Shown with Large Diamond Shaped Face in Pearl

Lisbon - Interchangeable Beaded Watch Band

Classy black, white and silver shown
with zebra enamel face.


Sweet Liberty - Interchangeable beaded watch band for the 4th of July

Show your love for our country with this watch band!
Pictured with a silver diamond shaped face.
This is a chunky size band - a mini me version is in the works.


Verona Interchangeable Beaded Watch Band

Black, silver, white and pewter
unite to make this classy band.


Ares - Interchangeable beaded watch band

Ares - A dramatic statement featuring lamp-work and foil glass beads


Dallas - Mini Me sized Interchangeable beaded watch band

A Mini Me (smaller beaded) version of
one of my most popular bands.

Features real turquoise beads

** also available with Pink Turquoise**

Shown with Small funky face