Dallas - Mini Me sized Interchangeable beaded watch band

A Mini Me (smaller beaded) version of
one of my most popular bands.

Features real turquoise beads

** also available with Pink Turquoise**

Shown with Small funky face

Spring Jumbles - Interchangeable beaded watch band

Fun and Brightly Colored
- Shown with Large Funky Number face in Hot Pink.


Spring Bling© Mini Me size - Interchangeable Beaded watch band

The Mini Me (less chunky) version of Spring Bling!

Shown with Small Squashed Bling Face

Spring Bling© - Interchangeable Beaded watch band

Features glass foil beads, a zebra bead, and some other fun beads!
Just in time for spring!



Choose your Charm!

Need the perfect charm to top off your new watch band or bracelet?

Now you can request charms that match your style!

Triple Chocolate© - Interchangeable beaded watch band or bracelet - bronze, copper, brown, gold and silver

A mix of browns, gold, copper, bronze and silver.
This is a chunky sized watch band.


Juliet © - Interchangeable beaded watch band or bracelet - Mini Me Size (small beads)

If you like Paris but prefer smaller beads - you'll love Juliet!

This is so cute in person - I wish I could get a better picture of it!